Interview with Emma Larkins on TechRaptor

I had a great time chatting with Robert N. Adams over at TechRaptor about my work putting together Heartcatchers. Check out the full interview here!


"TR: I’ve spent my fair share of time sitting around in the same spot in line for an hour and change on end. And those lines—anyone who’s ever been to any kind of anime convention or gaming convention—they don’t do the whole “one person in at a time, line moving” kind of thing when you’re waiting to get into a room. Everybody just gets in line and just waits for like an hour. Then they open the doors [and] then they filter people into the room. So you’ve got an hour to kill and you can’t move.

EL: And it’s great, too, ’cause it’s a two-player game and it’s actually surprisingly social. So you start getting people kinda watching you and then you can switch it up. Play another round with someone else. You can kind of start having conversations with people as the game is going."