Heartcatchers is LIVE on Kickstarter

Today's the day! Can we make it to $1,000? More? Can we make it ALL THE WAY? The power is in your hands. You've played the game, seen the new art, and heard me talk about it for months on end. Now is the time to finally get it delivered to your door.

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Thrilled to be sharing this special time with everyone. Thank you so much for making this dream a reality!

Interview with Emma Larkins on TechRaptor

I had a great time chatting with Robert N. Adams over at TechRaptor about my work putting together Heartcatchers. Check out the full interview here!


"TR: I’ve spent my fair share of time sitting around in the same spot in line for an hour and change on end. And those lines—anyone who’s ever been to any kind of anime convention or gaming convention—they don’t do the whole “one person in at a time, line moving” kind of thing when you’re waiting to get into a room. Everybody just gets in line and just waits for like an hour. Then they open the doors [and] then they filter people into the room. So you’ve got an hour to kill and you can’t move.

EL: And it’s great, too, ’cause it’s a two-player game and it’s actually surprisingly social. So you start getting people kinda watching you and then you can switch it up. Play another round with someone else. You can kind of start having conversations with people as the game is going."

Featured in The Hulking Reviewer

I had a great time chatting with Kareem at the recent Playcrafting event. Excited to share the Heartcatcher thoughts posted on The Hulking Reviewer!

"When I first saw the setup for Heartcatcher I didn’t know whether to be intrigued by the display or intimidated by the thought of diving into a new card game. Thankfully it was the former because I would soon discover that Heartcatcher is a relatively simple card game but it’s designed in such a way to achieve maximum fun."

Kareem also shared this new, freshly-minted demo video. Thank you!

Boston FIG Judging Feedback

The judges had some really helpful things to say about Heartcatcher! Highlights belows:

“This was definitely something I haven’t ever seen before.”

“A fun take on the microgame idea with an interesting use of bluffing and strategy.”

“The game is very strategic and every decision matters.”

“Always considering best move, always thinking about what my opponent might do, trying to stay three steps ahead … very engaging!”

“If you aren’t paying attention and he swaps that Heartbreaker with a Change of Heart, you’re screwed!”