Heartcatchers is now available for purchase on the Galileo Games website!



Players take turns "catching" stacks of cards using a rock-paper-scissors mechanic, moving them back and forth across the playing field to increase their end scores. They can also play Secrets (or bluff the playing of Secrets) that affect scoring, or use card actions such as Ultimate Love or Your Eyes Only.

This portable, fast-paced game (only 20 cards and playable in under 10 minutes) is a great way to break the ice with new friends and potential love interests.

Evolving Mechanics

Heartcatchers wouldn't be where it is today without a ton of help from the NYC playtest community. Thanks for all your help!


The artistic choices made during the game design phase can make or break a card game. Prototyping is a designer's best friend.

The Design Process

How does a card game like Heartcatchers get made? Check out the news section for information about the game's growth.

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